Thursday, April 19, 2018

Chapter two:stranger things

it is 12:30 and Bob was entering some type of weird land,it had a wolf shaped mountain with flowers growing on it and has a smell like roses time is now 12:49. Now Bob been laying on the mountain thinking of what one of his family members had said too him the name is Tommy,Tommy said ''every time that is seems that you are missing home,home is always with you"and Bob always wonder why would Tommy said things like that and time is now 1:20 so bob went to find some water because it is a pretty hot day today's temperature is like 89 degrees and Tommy find some water but while he was drinking he could of thought he saw his "died" sister name lexis but she die during the GWW(Great Wolf War) and that was like 10 years ago.and then he thought he saw his "died" father that got KIA(Killed In Action) in the GWOWPS(Great War Of Wolf Packs) which was before the GWW. His father was in the GWA(Great Wolf Army)

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

It's a nice night as lonely wolfie name Bob was stargazing you see Bob is not that typical big bad wolf he's more into the moon,stars,and the sky.Bob always thought that the sky seems to change color to color and he's correct.Last night Bob could of saw the sky been the same color of his fur but his fur is a light sky blue and it was.Let me tell you something about Bob he wants to return to home but he can't because he has been exiled for liking an another wolf called Sophie no not the cartoon Sophie.Anyways if he does return to his home well who knows what could happen to our friend Bob.

Bob's love letter:

Hey beautiful i have been so called "exiled" just because we are in a loving relationship, i think they was jealous of us.Anyways i will try to find a way out of this so called "exiled" even if i have to risk my life for you.Love you


12342 E.Den